Centralina-Youth-300x240The Youth Council is a function of the Centralina Workforce Development Board and focuses on providing opportunities for young people as part of the overall mission of the Board to make sure that every one of our region’s businesses can compete in the global economy with an exceptional workforce. When it comes to working with you, we focus on giving youth the skills, vision for success, and determination to become those exceptional people.The Centralina Youth Council is a committee of The Centralina Workforce Development Board, Inc. (The Board is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors responsible for developing policy and overseeing local workforce development initiatives in partnership with the local elected officials.)The Council assists in preparing youth for the competitive labor market. Its emphasis is on youth development programs. The Council also identifies and promotes information on education and training opportunities for youth in the region; and makes local youth development systems and to make youth policy recommendations to the Centralina Workforce Development Board.Youth Council members are members of the community who have a special interest or expertise in youth policy. The membership of the Youth Council must include individuals who represent:

  • The local Workforce Development Board and who have special interest or expertise in youth policy;
  • Service agencies, such as juvenile justice and local law enforcement agencies;
  • Local public housing authorities;
  • Parents of eligible youth seeking assistance under WIA;
  • Organizations that have experience relating to youth activities;
  • Job Corps Centers, if Center is located in the Local Area; and
  • Other individuals, including former participants

For more information on the Centralina Youth Council please visit the their website at www.way2work.org or contact Solomon McAuley at (704) 348-2725 or by email at smcauley@centralina.org.

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