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The Workforce Strategists: The Centralina Workforce Development Board

Centralina Workforce Development Board

As the board responsible for local workforce funding, we invest in our community by partnering with economic development, education and businesses to create innovative strategies to serve career seekers and businesses.Our mission is very simple – – workforce development.
Our vision – – not so simple. It’s to make sure that every one of our region’s businesses can compete in the global economy with an exceptional workforce.

The Board’s Priorities:

Workforce Planning
Workforce Research
Workforce and Economic Development Initiatives

Our Philosophy:

While our vision is lofty, we strive to create strategies to help workers and businesses compete in our global economy. Our driving principles around workforce leadership include:

  1. Meeting and exceeding community workforce needs is the top priority.
  2. Keeping a pulse in the community, and an eye on future trends provides us the foundation for creating innovative workforce strategies.
  3. Collaboration is essential to workforce success.

For more information on the Centralina Workforce Development Board please visit our website at www.centralinaworks.com or contact David Hollars at (704) 348-2717 or by email at dhollars@centralina.org.

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