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Area Agency on Aging Community & Economic Development
General Government Planning
Workforce Development

Laurie Abounader, Regional Ombudsman 704-348-2739
Patricia Cowan, Regional Ombudsman 704-688-6503
Annette Demeny, Aging Specialist 704-348-2736
Cindy Englert, Ombudsman Program Coordinator 704-348-2715
Elisa Gregorich, Aging Specialist 704-348-2726
Hillary Kaylor, Regional Ombudsman 704-348-2724
Katie Kutcher, Aging Programs Specialist 704-348-2705
Debi Lee, Aging Programs Assistant Director 704-348-2714
Sara Maloney, Aging Specialist 704-372-2416
Linda Miller, Aging Programs Director 704-348-2711
Evelyn Pressley, Office Specialist 704-688-6505
Angel Stoy, Aging Specialist 704-348-2729
Lindsay Tice, Regional Ombudsman 704-348-2735
Latosha Walker, Senior Community Service Employment Program Manager 704-348-2713
Margaret White, Health & Wellness Assistant 704-372-2416
Victoria Avramovic,  Assistant Director, Community & Economic Development  704-688-6502
Sam Leggett, Construction Inspector 704-458-7019
James Luster, Senior Community & Economic Development Coordinator 704-348-2706
Mike Manis, Community & Economic Development Director 704-348-2720
Emily Hickok, Marketing & Communications Manager 704-348-2702
Jim Prosser, Interim Executive Director 704-348-2703
Vanessa Shelton, Office Specialist 704-348-2701
Martha Steen Blackley, Accounting Technician 704-348-2727
Denise Strosser, Accounting Technician 704-348-2704
Marsha Sutton, Finance Director 704-348-2716
Marva Thomas, Accounting Technician 704-688-6504
Kelly Weston, Executive Assistant/Clerk to the Board 704-348-2728
Bobby Williams, Project Manager 704-688-7036
Venecia Rock White, Human Resources Officer 704-348-2733
Katherine Hebert, Senior Planner 704-348-2708
Jessica Hill, Assistant Planning Director 704-348-2731
Blair Israel, Planner/GIS Analyst 704-348-2734
Michelle Nance, Planning Director 704-348-2709
Emily Parker, Senior Planner 704-688-6507
Carina Soriano, Planner 704-688-7035
Jason Wager, Planning Program Supervisor-Sustainability 704-348-2707
David Hollars, Workforce Development Director 704-348-2717
Tyana Johnson, Communications Coordinator 704-348-2732
Narissa Knight, Program Assistant 704-372-2718
Solomon McAuley, Workforce Development Youth Specialist 704-348-2725
Sherika Rich, Workforce Development Program Assistant 704-348-2719
Mark Seifel, Business Service Leader 704-348-2710