Centralina’s staff has provided services in land use planning, comprehensive planning, zoning and subdivision regulation, annexation studies, and mapping since its inception in the 1960s. Historically, CCOG’s Regional Planning Department has received most of its funding through technical assistance projects. In recent years, the number of technical assistance projects has diminished and funds have been replaced through a variety of grant programs as well as administering and overseeing an increasing number of ancillary organizations, some of which are housed internally within CCOG.

Much of CCOG’s planning work involves developing and managing partnerships that bring communities across the region together with other stakeholders to reach solutions. CCOG’s Regional Planning Department works to help the communities in our region: grow the economy, control cost of government, and improve quality of life. We accomplish this three point goal through our regional work on Energy & Environment, and Transportation, and through the goals of guiding regional planning for future development, and promoting new and innovative ways to deliver regional planning services efficiently and effectively.

The CCOG Regional Planning Department provides services including but not limited to: Developing Land Use Plans, Codes, and Corridor Studies, providing Elected and Appointed Officials’ Training, providing Project Ranking and Evaluation services, and many others. Click here for a complete listing of services offered by CCOG’s Regional Planning Department.

For more information, please contact CCOG Planning Director Michelle Nance at mnance@centralina.org.